The Team

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Math and Economics student, but I've got a pretty diverse background. Since I was 17, I've worked in digital transformation at Banco Pichincha, in the Finance Area at Repsol Ecuador, and even internationally in Venezuela. I'm passionate about AI and have been taking many courses in AI and finance. I love blending my technical know-how with my entrepreneurial spirit to drive new AI solutions across different industries.

As the CEO of Artifice, I identify market needs and forge strong relationships to position our company at the forefront of AI innovation. My diverse experience enables me to connect with people from all backgrounds and lead strategically. I’m excited to continue this journey of developing AI technology that creates value by enhancing people’s lives.

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Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO)

Aerospace Engineering and Economics student, I have worked at Amazon and, soon, at Salesforce. A Mensa and Nova member with over 70 certifications from prestigious institutions like Harvard and MIT since I was 16, and I have been awarded full scholarships to study in top institutions like the University of Chicago, Harvard, and Zhejiang University in Shanghai.

I have been working in AI for the past five years and now I'm at the forefront of innovation developing my LLMs and working in cutting-edge technology like Quantum Machine Learning. My endeavors include developing AI solutions and engineering a CubeSat during my college tenure, as well as AI projects for art exhibited in Spain.

I'm the creator of Bloxter and AttornAI. Now I'm competing in the AI worldwide competition by Microsoft, Imagine Cup, with Hippocrates, a state-of-the-art LLM that will reduce the cost of the healthcare system and provide free medical assistance in countries that lack resources.

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

As a Computer Engineering student in Madrid, my coding journey began at the age of 15. At 14, I participated in a transformative study abroad program in the United States, shaping both my academic and personal development. Over the past three years, I've actively monitored the dynamic landscape of Artificial Intelligence, deepening my knowledge and contributing to diverse projects in the field. Beyond AI, my versatility is evident in projects like developing software f or an agency specializing in administrative and legal operations. Proficient in languages such as Python, Java, C, and more, I've also enriched my skills through coursework at Harvard University.

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

I am a student of Accounting and Finance at Durham University, on a full-time Tennis scholarship. My extensive background in finance began in my home country Ecuador, where I worked in different banking companies and sectors such as Credit Risk and Operations analysis. This continued in my role as International Financial Advisor for Venezuela’s largest retail company. I’ve developed my expertise by completing a range of courses and certifications in financial markets and models, leading to my intensive research into artificial intelligence in finance. Beyond my academia, I have nurtured a broad global outreach, traveling around South America and the United States by competing in tennis at international levels. More recently, my roles as a Data Analyst at IBM in London and as a Financial Analyst in a Health Care/Medical Concierge company in Houston, have equipped me with invaluable skills in collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds and industries. It's this blend of education, practical experience, and cultural exposure that fuels my passion for excellence in AI and finance.

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