Artifice AI Agency

Custom Solutions, Infinite Possibilities:
Powering Your Success with Tailored AI Applications.

Our Story

Artificie AI Agency was born out of a passion for artificial intelligence and its transformative potential. We saw a gap in the market where businesses were struggling to leverage AI effectively due to a lack of expertise or resources. We founded Artifice AI Agency to bridge this gap and make AI accessible and beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to help our clients streamline their operations, create AI custom solutions, and drive growth through AI. We are proud to be part of our client’s journey towards digital transformation and AI-driven success.

Our Portfolio



Hippocrates AI

Introducing Hippocrates AI, Advanced AI-Powered Assistant for Healthcare Professionals: Streamlining ER Operations and Medical Consultations.

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Attorn AI

Introducing AttornAI an advanced AI powered chatbot designed for legal consultations.

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Bloxter AI

Introducing Bloxter AI, the tool for social media post creation.

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